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About this Dive Site

The name “Wondergat” is Afrikaans for Wonderous hole.

Approximately 60km from Lichtenburg and 30km from Mafikeng

This site is not in a Marine Protected Area. A permit is not required.

Maximum depth is about 58m.

About 6m above 20m, and about 15m below 20m. Visibility of over 30m has been known in the cave.

Wondergat is a collapsed cavern filled with water. The hole is about 75 x 100m at the surface and the sides are near vertical to the bottom at about 36m. There are caverns extending from the main shaft to the north and south at the bottom. The bottom of these caverns slopes downward away from the main shaft. There is an overhang to the north about half wat up, and a narrow cave on the south wall, quite shallow, known as Leopards cave.

Dolomite sinkhole.

Water temperature will be between 14 and 21°C

This is a summer rainfall region. Temperatures vary from 35’C in the summer to as low as -4’C at night in the winter.

Visibility is often better during winter because there are fewer divers kicking up a mess, and less rain runoff bringing in silt


2-Station Air Compressor to refill up to 230 BAR @ R 100.00 per refill per diving cylinder
Accommodation at Wondergat is at campsites with braai areas, and includes ablution facilities with hot and cold water.
Electricity is available to campsites.
Emergency oxygen provision is on site if needed
Limited cellular network coverage.
The nearest medical facility is the hospital at Mafikeng, 30km away and Lightenburg Provincial hospital, 60km away.

This is a shore entry site. Access is by newly built steps. The walk down the steps fully kitted up requires good balance, and the return after the dive can be strenuous. The newly installed steps does make a massive improvement though.

Public access.
An entry fee is payable. Adequate parking is provided and included in the entry fee.

Wondergat owner and manager.
Eugene Beyers:

Tel: +27 (0)82 944 0763